Work Requests in Kenora

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Learn more about SST Basement Systems' recent work requests in Kenora, ON
Vicinity of Mellick Ave in Kenora
I want to know how much it will be to insulate crawl space and waterproof and insulate basement.
Vicinity of Rabbit Lake Road in Kenora
I'm interested in obtainiing a free written basement crawl space waterproofing and sump pump installation quote. My crawl space floor is bedrock, the foundation walls are poured concrete, the joist supports are concrete with adjustable steel pillars. The bedrock base has a significant slope toward the current sump pump setup at the front of the house. The foundation walls are currently insultated with foam insulation (several inches). The crawl space is generally dry in the winter. Water ingress occurs mainly during spring runoff and during rain events. The weeping tile on the outside of the foundation wall drains into the crawl space at the front of the house at the sump pump location. There are some areas on the bedrock floor up-slope from the sump pump where inflowing water pools. The crawl space is heated.
Vicinity of Fourth Avenue South in Kenora
Hi- Just wondering if you'll be in Kenora anytime soon. Looking to have a crawl space under a bedroom cleaned up/insulated. Also an area of the basement. Are your estimates based more on square footage or the type of work that needs to be completed? Just trying to get an idea of price. Thanks, S. DeGagne
Vicinity of in Kenora
I have a musty smelling wet basement. I am interested in dehumidifying. the basement doesn't leak it is an old house 1941,and sweats a lot.
Vicinity of Third Ave South in Kenora
I had a sewer backup in my basement, and I occasionally get a bit of run off water. When I removed the walls the supports were rotten. I plan on changing them and was looking for a quote to waterproof. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lakeview Drive in Kenora
Sewage contamination/air quality within a crawl space of a school locted at Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, Soutwest of Kenora, ON. The crawl is approx. 640 sqm./6,869 sqft. Request to arrange for a site visit, scope of work and and cost estimate to remediate. Thank you, Brad Dokuchie, C.Tech. Technical Services Officer Bimose Tribal Council Inc.
Vicinity of Garrow Road in Kenora
Crawl space basement with limited room to move around (max 24 inches at one end and slopes to approx. 3 feet at the other end) Moist is a big issue for us. We have placed poly down and have a dehumidifier in the craw space but need a moisture barrier which is more durable. Tough part will be to access the one side of the house due to the mobility issue. Would like a free estimate if in the area.
Vicinity of Seventeenth Ave North in Kenora
I have a full height basement that is approx. 600 square feet. It is fairly dry. There are only 2 spots where you can see some water coming in from the corner. It is not a lot of water, the area around the corner is just a little wet. I would like to renovate it eventually and I think this would be the first step to getting this process started. Thank you, Jessica
Vicinity of Redditt Road in Kenora
Large cracks on both sides of home in basement due to cement steps on both sides. Home is over 45 years. Most likely needs weeping tile to stop leaks. Would like free estimate when in Kenora. No rush at this point. Kathy MacLeod
Vicinity of Minto Ave in Kenora
I hear you are coming to Kenora. Woohoo! Basement is about 1180 sq ft. One small crawl space under entrance. Most walls and possibly floor need insulation/moisture protection. One wall leaked about 7 years ago, but I changed the grade against the house, and no leaks since. I do have some moisture in the form of white fluffy deposits (effloreascence?). An estimate would be appreciated. Thanks! Jacquie
Vicinity of in Kenora
Hi there, I have a small River running under my house. I have 3 sump pumps set up to try to keep the water out. Of course with all that water comes humidity and damp moldy air. I was planning to escavate from the outside and try to seal it off. I like a lot of your websites ideas. Need advice on what is the best way to fix all that ails this house. Look forward to hearing from you. Henry
Vicinity of Seventh Street South in Kenora
Looking to waterproof basement - older home in Kenora.