Learn more about SST Basement Systems' recent work requests in Thunder Bay, ON
Second Avenue in Thunder Bay
Need quote on your super sump with 1/3 horse motor and battery back up
Johnson Ave in Thunder Bay
Water coming into my basement from the wall/ground.
Archibald Street in Thunder Bay
Free quote for foundation rebuild
Toledo St. in Thunder Bay
My mother is having seepage problems with clean water into her basement. PLease contact me regarding site visit and quote for service and repair. Thanks.
Hinton Avenue in Thunder Bay
One corner of my basement is leaking and I would like to know what is causing it and how it could be fixed.
North Norah in Thunder Bay
in Thunder Bay
Looking to reduce the noise coming from the sump pump. Recently installed a new pump last year and a water powered back up pump.
Inglewood Crescent in Thunder Bay
I am looking to install a sub-pump. I am looking for cost of pump and installation
Tupper Street in Thunder Bay
Water is coming into my basement, I believe it is an issue with the drainage system (eavestrough), and the large amount of snow we had and how quickly it melted. I feel that the corner where it is occurring may need to be slopped better outside, inside possibly need to re-seal the cement and change the wood ? Not sure if you guys can help me with this. Thanks!
Trinity Crescent in Thunder Bay
We need a sub pump replaced and our system checked
Windsor St in Thunder Bay
My basement wall is leaking and may have been for a day or two. I just noticed tonight I have a steady stream of water coming in and the wall seems bulged out from what it normally is. It is leaking in a section that my dad repaired maybe 30 yrs ago. I'd like someone to call me back asap. I will call your number tomorrow as well. thanks
Rockwood Ave. North in Thunder Bay
My basement has mold and the basement cement blocks look damp. There is an odour that I'm reacting to, when the furnace comes on I can smell that musty smell all the way to the top floor. Basement is finished, some drywall has been removed already.iMy business is in the basement and it's starting to affect my health.
Lillie St. in Thunder Bay
I have a Sauna that requires leveling. The footings sunk and the building is no longer level. The building needs to be lifted and new footing poured for the foundation blocks.
Prospect Ave in Thunder Bay
Moisture coming up from basement floor. Water running in in corner.
Leslie Ave in Thunder Bay
I have a small coldroom in the basement, located under the front steps of the house. The room has a concrete floor and ceiling, and concrete (brick) walls. But the room leaks when it rains, it is very damp and builds mold easily. I would like to consider options to fix/finish this small room to make it usable as a cold room/storage.
Wentworth Cr in Thunder Bay
Need to add a sump pump to stop water coming in through wall/floor at corner in rental house (507 Wentworth Cr) - changed the weeping tiles this Summer, but made things worse it seems.
Mary St E in Thunder Bay
There is a crack in the outside wall in the cold storage room beneath the front steps that seeps water during heavy rain or rapid thawing in spring. Need estimate for repair.
Sequoia Dr in Thunder Bay
I am looking for a company that can poly level my driveway. Do you provide that service in Thunder Bay?
Carl Ave in Thunder Bay
We have a cold room underneath the stairs that needs to be insulated we do use it as a cold room.
Harold St N in Thunder Bay
Looking for sa contracter to turn a roughly 730 sq foot house pre-existing dug out, into a full basement.
Greengate Circle in Thunder Bay
We are getting a foul smell from the basement when we do a wash --- would like to seal all pumps as well. Thank you. John
McKinnin St. in Thunder Bay
Water is leaking into the basement near the windows.
Wallbridge Avenue in Thunder Bay
I have a partially finished basement in my home that is experiencing some water leaks. The water is coming in my "cold room" under the stairs. It seems like the water is coming up from the foundation, rather than down from the walls or concrete stairs. I'd like to have someone come and see what the possible problem is and let me know a quote for getting it fixed. Thanks!
Arthur Street West in Thunder Bay
Robertson Street in Thunder Bay
Been living in this house for 27 years. Had the crawlspace under the house, insulated about 5 years ago, with a new type of insulation. Now, I've got all kinds of things coming up into my kitchen! And, I smell something... :(
Gertrude Ave in Thunder Bay
Broadway Ave in Thunder Bay
Water coming into my basement and crumbly wall.
Gardenbriar Rd. in Thunder Bay
Hi there, In the spring and fall we had some water leak into the basement. Strone came in and ripped it all apart and were about to put it back together when we had more water come in. Now we need to fix it before they do all the interior work and water comes in again.
Admiral Crt in Thunder Bay
Basement wet in two corners, mostly because water sites around the house, does not flow way from home properly. No sump pump, do I need one? not sure.
Sprague St in Thunder Bay
I have a dug out house that needs leveling and new posts.
Dawson Rd in Thunder Bay
Water started to seep in at bottom of the basement wall, Water pours into the sump pit all the time.
Rosewood Cres in Thunder Bay
Currently having water seepage in several spots in basement when there is rain and excess melting. Has happened a handful of times over the last month. We have some theories, but not specifically certain of where water is coming from and how it is getting in. Lived in this home since the late spring of last year. we had no seepage at that time, even with the very heavy rain falls of last spring/summer/fall. We would very much like to have SST Basement systems come and give us an estimate of the work that is needed be done to fix this problem. Please contact me as soon as you are able. Chris Vieira
Frederica St in Thunder Bay
I am looking to obtain a quote on repairing a crack in foundation of my house. Water comes in occasionally. My house is less then 700 square feet.
Rupert Street in Thunder Bay
Basement licks water.
Hartland Street in Thunder Bay
Looking for a quote on our leaking basement please
Hutton Park Dr in Thunder Bay
I have a leak in my basement. The basement is finished and it is noticed when the carpet becomes wet at the same locations. There is not much to look at because the drywall is over top, but I would expect water in behind the insulation. The house was built in 2011 and we purchased it in May 2014, after the winter thaw. The following spring of 2015 we noticed water in the basement. That year some re-grading was done along that side of the house and the leak seemed to disappear. Now this week it happened again and this time much more water than before There is no water along the side of the house at the moment. I talked with the previous owner to see if they had the issue and they did. They even put a warranty claim in with the builder and had the builder return to fix a crack in the foundation at the same spot that we are noticing the leak now. I am looking for some repair options and a quotation to investigate and fix the problem.
Rowand St in Thunder Bay
Leaking basement and would like an estimate for repairs
Cabot Crt in Thunder Bay
I was getting some water in my basement bathroom and I ended up having to pull up the floor. I initially thought it was a leak by the window so I cut into the drywall (where there used to be a crack) but I did not find a leak. I removed the box around the window and noticed that there was just condensation on the wall. So I put the box back on the window and sprayed the expanding foam around it to seal it off. Since sealing it off the water seams to have gotten worse. I pulled the drywall again to check and it still looks like a condensation issue. Can you let me know what you would need to see/know ahead of time so I can get it ready when you give me the estimate?
Hutton Park Drive in Thunder Bay
We have a bedroom on the lower level, with a window, and in the spring melt, the floor (carpet) gets wet - approximately 4-6 feet x 1 foot along the wall. We are selling the house in the spring, and would like this fully repaired before we sell (fixed from the inside only), along with new dry wall, baseboard, painted, etc., after the repair.
Ray Boulevard in Thunder Bay
Looking for a sump pump install.
Robertson St. in Thunder Bay
I currently have a sump pump but I am experiencing dampness issues in my basemental, specifically one corner of my basement. I believe this might be related to grading and gutter issues but I would like a second opinion.
Ontario Street in Thunder Bay
Hello, I'd like to ask about estimates for two separate issues. First, the replacement of an old wooden floor post in my basement with a floor jack or some other support. Second, basement waterproofing in two problem areas. Thanks!!
Windemere Ave N in Thunder Bay
My basement has always had a small amount of leakage through the walls on one side of the house. It is a typical 1.5 story house in this part of Thunder Bay with a cinder block basement. The basement had been partially finished, but was never completed likely due to the leakage. In November when the rain happened on the 29th my floor drain plugged, resulting in significant flooding. As a result, I am currently ripping out all the walls etc. that had been built down there. Before I renovate, I want to make sure the basement will not flood again, and need to know what it will cost to do what is needed. I realize that the best and longest lasting solution will involve exposing the west wall, as well as some portions of the north and south walls and installing weeping tile on the outside of the house. I will have to do some work to make it accessible, but would like to have a plan in place to get the necessary wiork done as quickly as possible this spring.
Chelsea Cr. in Thunder Bay
I have water seeping in the basement where the wall meets the floor and not in the corner
Milne Street in Thunder Bay
We have a dug out basement (approximately 8 feet), one wall is bowing.
Oak Ave in Thunder Bay
Water seeps into unfinished part of basement (laundry room) during heavy rain or spring thaw. Built up some of the low points near the house as best we could, including 20ft french drain system under the ground level deck, but water still comes in the basement when hose is run for a few minutes near the crack in parging. It is a poured concrete foundation - house built in 50s/60s. Crack in parging on the outside could possibly be crack in foundation? Would like to know our options.
Amelia St West in Thunder Bay
Crawl space repair,sump pump instalation according to work description by Ontario renovates inspector.Job will be paid by City of Thunder Bay with % 20 000 limit
Glengary Drive in Thunder Bay
Can u scope to see if weeping tile is blocked? Thanks!
Dalhousie Dr in Thunder Bay
Basement flooded in July 2016 due to heavy rainfall and water pouring out of our sub pit. We have replaced the sub pump and re-finished the basement. We have now noticed that the new pump is producing a lot of heat/moisture. So much so, that mold has developed on the wall beside the pit. There is also a lot of orange sludge in the pit water. We have unplugged the pump.
Gratton Road in Thunder Bay
The system i have and the new ones i have put in all are failing after many months. The system is old, as is my home, i want a newer dependable service. This includes the back up systems. I am also getting the wiring checked, but that isn't the real issue. Thank you.
Christina Street East in Thunder Bay
Small leak under stairs going down to basement. Seems to be from under back door. Lockstone walkway leading up to back door. Would like to put flooring downstairs next year if we can get the leak fixed.
Windsor St in Thunder Bay
Hi, I'm looking to get a quote to repair my cold room wall. Block foundation has step cracking, in the summer the crack closes up but in the winter it opens and the blocks above and below the crack appear to be staggered. I am hoping it can be repaired from the inside out rather than excavating.
Tupper Street in Thunder Bay
Interested in getting a quote on having a sump pump installed and would like to discuss other water issues.
Amelia Street East in Thunder Bay
Wishing to install sump pump as well as seal one vertical crack in basement
Churchill Dr W in Thunder Bay
We had a bit of water in our basement with this last storm in June, the storm sewer in the street couldn't handle all the water and many of our neighbors also had water in their basements. Please call anytime to arrange a time to give an estimate to install a sump pump in our basement. We installed back flow valves 3 years ago on the storm line and sewer line.
Rainbow St. in Thunder Bay
We have had our basement subject to water damage. Would like to know flooring options you describe.
Tupper St in Thunder Bay
Water comes in side of house where weeping tile ends and weeping pit is located. Never came in before weeping pit. Only happens in wet weather. Would like sump pump system installed to take water away from house not sitting in pit beside house..
Mctavish St in Thunder Bay
Posts in crawl space rotting
Rupert St in Thunder Bay
Estimate for basement waterproofing.
Mckenzie St in Thunder Bay
Jack up house, level out our dugout, water proofing.
Johnson Avenue in Thunder Bay
Hi, I would like a quote for window wells with covers. I have 3 basement windows, I had someone come in to have a look because there has been water in the basement. He suggested the window wells with covers. Please email, don't call thank you. Colleen
Central Avenue in Thunder Bay
Hello SST team, I need to finish my basement and I am looking for high quality finishing, your site has some pics very close to wath I want. So I would like an estimate quote a.s.a.p. When can you send a specialist to make a site inspection on my basement? Please advise. Thank you Henrique Freitas
Winnipeg Ave in Thunder Bay
Would like a quote for sump pump installation and back flow valve installation as soon as possible. Thank you.
Loch Lomond Road in Thunder Bay
Looking to get your triplesafe sump pump system to replace my current sump pump.
Dalhousie Drive in Thunder Bay
Looking to get a quote on a sump-pump and back flow valve.
Hutton Park Drive in Thunder Bay
Water is leaking into our basement. Appears to be coming from exterior wall.
Victoria Ave West in Thunder Bay
Water coming into the basement, every heavy rainfall. We think we have the point of entry pinpointed, but would appreciate an expert opinion, and a permanent solution.
Nova Drive in Thunder Bay
Wet Basement
Onion Lake Road in Thunder Bay
Pump is failing over and over again. mud/dirty causing the pump to fail.
Frederica St W in Thunder Bay
Crawl space pier foundation is sinking, causing beams to sag / split.
Manion St in Thunder Bay
Moisture and leaking coming from the back corner/wall of the basement.
Rosedale Ave in Thunder Bay
Our basement keeps leaking and we cant find the source... assuming it has something to do with our foundation
Arthur St E in Thunder Bay
Noticed a vertical crack in foundation wall near a window. The basement is currently being renovated, with interior walls to be framed this week. Need to know if this crack needs to be repaired now before framing and spray insulation goes up. Please call ASAP. Thank you.
Holly Crescent in Thunder Bay
We're renovating our basement. Considering adding a bedroom to basement and would like more information about egress window for that level.
Arundel St in Thunder Bay
I will be moving into this address on oct 30. It has a crawl space I would like to get a quote for. Is it possible to book appt for wednesday nov 4th?
Rainbow Street in Thunder Bay
We would like to get a quote for basement finishing.
North Windemere Avenue in Thunder Bay
I have a bowed basement wall with a diagonal crack running from top to bottom.
Dawson Road in Thunder Bay
In need of a sump pump for my basement.
Van Norman St in Thunder Bay
Some water entry in basement
Minnesota Street in Thunder Bay
Basement has some seepage and needs to have weeping tile and or blue skin material attached. Need a quote. The total square footage is 775. Please contact by email.
Hinton Ave in Thunder Bay
We have a leak in our basement, just looking for an estimate please. Thank you
McBain St in Thunder Bay
There is a bit of moisture in my dirt floor crawl space every spring and I would like prevent this from happening since I learned that it can lead to other issues.
Ruttan Street in Thunder Bay
I appear to have water coming up from my basement floor? Need an assessment and quote to repair! It is a result of the spring thaw I suspect? Hope you can help????? Thanks Paul
Otto St in Thunder Bay
I'm looking for someone to come and look at my dugout / crawlspace and make general recommendations. Some examples include to make it cleaner, safer, warmer, and more energy-efficient. Thank you!
River St in Thunder Bay
Wondering if you can come to give an estimate regarding moisture in basement, whether leak or maybe moisture in slab
Oak Avenue in Thunder Bay
I would like a quote for refinishing a basement and possibly having a 3 piece bathroom installed. The back corner has had water the year we had the flooding. It has been repaired since then but I will be a new owner and would like a 'second set of eyes' to ensure it isn't a problem this spring for us.
Cuyler Street in Thunder Bay
Leak in crawl space. This leak has been there some time. Tried to repair, however not successful. Looking for an estimate of the possible cost to repair. This estimate is needed in a somewhat timely manner, as I am presently going through legal separation and require this cost for proof in court as to the work required on the home. Thank you
Windermere St in Thunder Bay
I am looking at buying this house as a rental property but have huge concerns about the foundation. I took pictures that I can email. If someone can call me tomorrow to discuss that would be appreciated.
Scotland St in Thunder Bay
Looking to get a quote on a crack repair on the exterior wall in a basement.
North Windemere Avenue in Thunder Bay
-water seeping in basement cracks and seams -efflorescence on walls and crumbling -rough wall and floor surface -not insulated
Crawford Ave in Thunder Bay
During the spring melt and heavy rain we have some water seeping in from various parts of the basement wall.
Empress Ave S in Thunder Bay
Water leaking from Basement wall.
E Francis St in Thunder Bay
Basement leaked when we had the heavy rain in the spring
DAWSON Road in Thunder Bay
Want to vapour barrier a crawl space 44x46 and 5 feet high cement block earth floor.
Walsh St. E. in Thunder Bay
Looking for an estimate on waterproofing my basement - water leaks in about 5 spots (all sides of house, as well as under front steps) through cracks in foundation. Not sure if I even have weeping tile, but I'm looking for some solutions on waterproofing the basement. Thanks!
Herrick Pl in Thunder Bay
Hi...I need to install a sump pump. thanks
Sprague Street in Thunder Bay
Looking to waterproof our basement- not a lot of water- but it has gotten wet with the heavy rains the last couple years.
Dalhousie Drive in Thunder Bay
During the big flood this summer I had water seepage coming through the footing of my house, this also happened during another big rain storm about five years ago. I am interested in learning what my options are, and the cost, of preventing this from happening in the future.